I am Mohammad Zare Zadeh, an Iranian artist born in Behbahan city in Khuzestan province. My art expresses the awareness of being a child of my time and of proposing a vision of the world that is influenced by the familiar places where you grew up. This link goes far beyond conscious thought, and they become an unconscious lens through which unique and unrepeatable creativity develops. I offer a perspective filtered through my own culture and thought, but leaving the viewer free to search for their own truth, equally unique, in the works. As artists change, I don’t impose univocal responses to those who look at my paintings but instead stimulate reflection.

I’ve been professionally teaching painting for about 15 years. And now, in order to show more of my work, I’m connecting with galleries and participating in various exhibitions.

Art, in my opinion, can have various effects on human life. Art is the only system that has no limits, and it is always influenced by its time’s audience in order to know, be aware of, and perpetuate its mission, regardless of time. As a result, depending on the cultural and social conditions of their geography, works of art may have very different perceptions and reflections in different eras.

Every human being, in my opinion, creates a history for himself in the geography in which he lives, and this history, with many perceptions and efforts of life and for a better life, will be more attractive. There are no boundaries for us. We can add more color and beauty to our history in any small place in this vast world with artists. Each of the works I create can be a reference to my perceptions of this vast world, which, in the form of art, make up my history at various points in time. And, through my work, I try to establish a nonverbal connection with my audience, which is, of course, not perfect language for me to speak of the deep connection between the audience and the work of art.



2014 Laguna College of Art and Design, MFA in Painting

2011 Gage Academy of Art, Certificate in Drawing and Painting